I'm Heather Brown and its a privilege to serve as Team Mom for the North Texas Kanes.  My son Baron has played for the Kanes for 3 years (since he was 6) and we're excited to make the move to select football in the Fall of 2017.

When we joined the team 3 years ago, we immediately realized that the Kanes were run in a very structured manner.  It was clear the maturity of the program was the result of many years of experience in youth football.  But, below this structure and discipline there was a sense of family ... among coaches and players and among the parents.  It's that structure, experience and family environment that led us to believe that the Kanes were and are the best organization for our son to develop his football skills.

In my role as Team Mom I will be assisting the coaching staff with team administration off the field while the coaches focus their energy and efforts to all things on the field.  Please let this me your guide regarding who to contact with questions or concerns.  It's my goal to make sure as parents you are always 100% informed. So, if you ever have questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out.

My contact info:
(817) 723-4365 (cell)